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We’re at a time now where people are fed up.

We are fed up with politics and police misconduct going unpunished. We are fed up with being out of work. We are fed up with being unable to afford healthcare. We are fed up!

However, our eyes are open.

We are watching leadership on every level of the government and seeing who’s working for us and who’s working against us. We need leadership that is strong and effective as well as attentive and empathetic towards our needs.

This is why I am running for Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee in the 45th District.

As a Democratic Central Committee member, it would be my honor and duty to put in the work for the Democratic Party and the people of the 45th District.

I am no stranger when it comes to putting in the work. My parents taught me how to do it.

My father worked at 4D Trailer, where he was an A Level Mechanic that repaired truck bodies. He was able to build trucks by himself and would teach others to build. My mother worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 42 years. She started out in housekeeping, moved on to linen, and retired last year as a Sterile Processing Technician.

Since neither of my parents received formal education, they pushed my sisters and I to perform well academically and to pursue our goals. They encouraged us to be whatever we wanted to be. I decided early on that I wanted to be like my parents- caring, giving, smart, family oriented, a builder and a hard-worker.

When I became a parent, providing for my daughter became everything to me. It’s often lonely and difficult to do. However, after getting more involved in the community, I learned that many people in our community share the same experience. Listening to their stories and relating, created in me the desire to try my best to make their lives easier through community work, civic engagement and by supporting policies that work for them. Ultimately, supporting policies that work for all of us.

I ask for your support as I seek to be a fresh new voice in the 45th District Central Committee and a change that works for our community.

Thank you so much in advance for your support. 

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